Creating Order from Chaos:

Governance in the Data Wild West

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Modern data infrastructures are chaotic. Businesses operate in a data “wild west” of complex architectures spanning hybrid and multi-cloud environments, where a patchwork of legacy systems, point solutions, and custom-built tools proliferate.

At the same time, line of business teams have become increasinglysavvy about using data to inform their operations. They work independently on data projects, which can lead to chaos for data teams trying to safeguard organizations from risk.

This report, based on original research of over 650 data leaders and practitioners from the U.S., UK, EU, and Australia, takes a look at:

  • The challenges of governance in the data wild west
  • Confusion over responsibility adds to data visibility challenges
  • Blind spots are created when business teams move fast
  • Establishing a data “mission control” to create order from chaos

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Quality of Service and Fraud Protection

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