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StreamSets Research Report
The Hidden Problem Holding Back Finance Teams: Data Integration Friction

In an era of belt-tightening and cutbacks, getting the numbers right isn’t just important — it’s imperative.

Enterprise finance teams are under enormous pressure not only to accurately forecast performance and manage financial risk, but also to move an organization forward.

That takes data, and finance teams have a mountain of it. But a complex and dynamic data supply chain means accessing it isn’t always easy.

This report, based on original research of enterprise data leaders and practitioners working with finance teams, sheds light on the hidden problem of data integration friction. In it, you’ll discover:
  • How demand for data is outstripping supply
  • How data chaos is holding finance teams back
  • The true cost of data integration friction
  • How to govern the data “wild west”
  • A way to get data flowing easily and securely across the enterprise

68% say data integration friction prevents them from delivering data at the speed of finance teams requests.

Sound familiar?

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