The Financial Services Industry’s Hidden Problem: Data Integration Friction

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68% say that LOBs and users independently create datasets without telling IT or data teams. See what else causes data friction.

Financial service (FS) enterprises are operating in a rapidly evolving world and increasingly facing existential threats from upstart “challenger” banks and fintech companies.

While these disrupters use their cloud-native flexibility to unlock data insights and deliver superior customer experience, established FS players struggle with a foundation of legacy technology that creates data integration friction.

This report based on original research of over 650 data leaders and practitioners from the U.S., U.K., E.U. and Australia, digs into:

  • The enterprise data supply and demand problem
  • How data chaos leaves FS enterprises fighting against the tide
  • The legacy technology dilemma
  • The rising costs of data integration friction
  • How to unlock the power of data without sacrificing speed or security
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