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Regulatory compliance reporting is increasingly complex and detailed. Including data generated by mainframe applications is often necessary, but keeping up with the data requests can be challenging.

Join this webinar to hear how you can dramatically streamline the process while improving cross-team collaboration and efficiencies. We’ll cover:

  • Security: Providing data visibility for those who are authorized…and for only what they’re authorized
  • Intuitive self-service: virtualized catalog spanning all mainframe sources, presented as relational data search via SQL
  • Set it and forget it: robust, operational CDC pipelines that deliver data to Snowflake as it happens

This webinar is for Data Engineers and IT Teams looking for a better way to service and support data access requests from business users responsible for reporting proof of regulatory compliance.

You will learn an easy and intuitive solution for providing self-service access to data assets on the mainframe while maintaining control and security of the data. See how data is only moved from the mainframe to Snowflake once it has been determined to be of value for regulatory compliance initiatives. Watch how easy it is to set up CDC pipelines from the mainframe to Snowflake so you can “set it and forget it.”


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Mike Pickett
VP of Product Growth
Kate Guttridge
Partner Solutions Engineer
Richard Neale
Director of Marketing EMEA and APAC

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