On-Demand Webinar:

Managing Big Data Pipelines in the Cloud with Databricks and StreamSets

Whether you are cloud-native or migrating to the cloud, enterprises are looking for speed and agility. Databricks and StreamSets have partnered to bring rapid data pipeline design and testing to critical cloud workloads. Together, they bring the power of Apache Spark™ to a broad audience with a logical and visual, UI-based pipeline development tool. This allows more users to leverage Apache Spark™ and Delta Lake with confidence, reliability and unmatched performance in the cloud.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to:
  1. Use a drag-and-drop interface for pipeline development to continuously ingest and stream data into Delta Lake on Databricks
  2. Make cloud data more reliable with Delta Lake features like ACID-compliant transactions, schema enforcement, and scalable metadata handling
  3. Migrate on-prem data lake workloads (e.g. Hadoop) to cloud services and easily manage to compute resources using Databricks’ optimized auto-scaling for compute resources


  • Hiral Jasani, Senior Partner Marketing Manager at Databricks
  • Nauman Fakhar, Director of ISV Solutions at Databricks
  • Rupal Shah, Director of Cloud Services at StreamSets

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