Modern Data Integration Strategies
for Continuous, Growing & Changing Requirements

Data integration has never been more demanding—and never more confusing. Organizations are digitally transforming applications, migrating to the cloud, democratizing business intelligence and analytics, and developing AI/ML as part of data-driven business strategies. People and applications need continuous flows of integrated data from hundreds, if not thousands, of diverse data sources.

Watch and learn how you can develop a modern data integration strategy that meets today’s requirements and enables future growth and agility. Topics discussed include the following:
  • TDWI research trends into current practices and challenges across industries
  • How to match data integration options with the right use cases—and the potential for unified data integration
  • AI-infused automation trends in data integration
  • Why DataOps is important for data integration scalability, agility, and resilience

TDWI Coffee Talk Series Webinar

Host: David Stodder, Senior Director of Research for BI, TDWI
Guest Speaker: Dima Spivak, COO Products, StreamSets