Research Report
The Business Value of Data Engineering

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Data is evolving. Where teams once focused on data security and delivery, there’s now pressure to drive business value. Data leaders feel this weight most today. Soon every data team member will need to deliver impact.

Data engineers are ready to pull their weight. But organizations don’t always have the processes, communication, metrics, and mindset to let them.

This report, based on original research of over 500 data engineers and 750 line of business data consumers, uncovers the state of business value in data engineering today. In it, you can see:

  • Why perception matters
  • What business context and impact mean to data engineering
  • The state of collaboration and communication between data consumers and engineers
  • What you can learn from those data engineers who are completely satisfied with their careers
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Quality of Service and Fraud Protection

“RingCentral can now address quality of call service in real-time allowing us to make immediate adjustments to the network and carriers.”

Michael Becker Senior Director of Big Data, RingCentral
Quality of Service and Fraud Protection

“StreamSets technologies and DataOps practices allow us to deliver the business outcomes that we're focused on and make an impact on the people we serve every day.”

Anne-Britton Arnett VP, Information Management and Analytics, Humana
AI at Enterprise Scale

“StreamSets allows me to provide stable, sustainable data operations on top of both a self-service and professional platform and to operate this at scale.”

Dan Jeavons GM of Data Science, Shell