DataOps for Apache Spark: StreamSets Transformer + Control Hub

Stop searching for errors and focus on insights.

Find out how StreamSets Transformer and Control Hub help you bring DataOps processes and technologies to Apache Spark without special skills.

StreamSets Transformer allows users to create data processing pipelines that execute on any Spark cluster with a drag-and-drop interface. Control Hub is your pipeline command center so you can design automated pipelines with full visibility, monitoring, and alerting across complex topologies.

Everyone, from the savvy Spark developer to the data analyst or data scientist to the legacy ETL developer, can leverage the power of Apache Spark at enterprise scale. Watch now to learn how to:   
  • Pipeline repository for Spark pipelines
  • Scalable Sets-based Processing
  • Apache Spark metrics and alerts


Greg Fields
VP of Pre-Sales
Sean Anderson
Head of Product Marketing

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