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StreamSets Transformer is a new execution engine within the StreamSets DataOps platform that allows users to create data processing pipelines that execute on Spark. Control Hub is the central command center for all pipelines across your business. Now with Control Hub users can design automated pipelines that deliver next generation ETL and machine learning workloads with superior visibility, monitoring, alerting, and automation. Build and share pipelines using a simple to use drag and drop UI. The StreamSets Platform allows everyone, not just the savvy Spark developer, but also the Data Analyst, Data Scientist or legacy ETL developer to fully utilize the power of Apache Spark without requiring a deep technical understanding.

Transformer pipelines in Control Hub are heavily instrumented and provide deep visibility into the execution of Spark applications. Stop searching through logs files and see errors and bottlenecks live on a comprehensive topology view. Users can see exactly how long every operation takes, how much data gets transferred at every stage, and view proactive and contextual error messages if and when problems occur. Control Hub helps Spark developers design, deploy, and continually monitor their Spark applications at enterprise scale.

In this webinar we will show you how StreamSets Transformer helps you achieve:   
  • Pipeline repository for Spark pipelines
  • Scalable Sets-based Processing
  • Apache Spark metrics and alerts


Greg Fields
VP of Pre-Sales


Sean Anderson
Head of Product Marketing

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