Build Data Pipelines with Brenna
Build Pipelines with slowly changing dimensions with Transformer for Snowflake

Don't miss this hands-on workshop on Transformer for Snowflake Engine with platform evangelist Brenna Buuck.

You’ll transform data in Transformer for Snowflake, review pipeline metrics and learn how to create a working slowly changing dimensions pipeline into Snowflake. Hop on to learn best practices and helpful tips on how to build, run, monitor and manage smart data pipelines with StreamSets.

Each session of Build It with Brenna (formerly StreamSets Live) is a hands-on workshop showcasing how to build data pipelines across hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. You can always expect to learn:

  • The basics of environments, deployments, and StreamSets concepts
  • How to visually build data pipelines
  • How to use sample pipelines to get up and running quickly
  • A full walkthrough of the steps it takes to run your first job
  • And, much more!

… all without writing custom code or scripts!

In less than one hour, you'll be on your way towards using StreamSets for your next data pipeline use case.

Next Workshop:
February 22 @ 10 am PT