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10:00 AM PST -or- 14:00 AEST

Discover the best practices for building data pipelines with Transformer for Snowflake in our upcoming interactive Build It with Brenna workshop. This lab is designed to offer participants an exceptional opportunity to ask questions and gain practical insights into achieving seamless data integration while performing all computations natively in Snowflake.

Join our Developer Evangelist, Brenna Buuck, for hands-on experience in constructing data pipelines using StreamSets, harnessed by our powerful Transformer for Snowflake engine. Through this session:

  • Learn best practices of data movement
  • Apply data transformation techniques
  • Harness the ability to create effective data pipelines for Snowflake

Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical experience and discover the power of StreamSets in building robust and flexible data pipelines. Reserve your spot now!

Each session of Build It with Brenna is a hands-on workshop showcasing how to build data pipelines across multi-cloud platforms. You can always expect to learn:

  • The basics of environments, deployments, and StreamSets concepts
  • How to visually build data pipelines
  • How to use sample pipelines to get up and running quickly
  • A full walkthrough of the steps it takes to run your first job
  • And, much more!
… all without writing custom code or scripts!

In less than one hour, you'll be on your way towards using StreamSets for your next data pipeline use case.

Next Workshop:
September 27, 2023
10:00 AM PT / 14:00 AEST