On Demand Webinar

  • How Cox Automotive Democratized Data with a Self-Service Data Exchange

    Nathan Swetye, Sr. Manager of Platform Engineering

    Michael Gay, Lead Technical Architect

    Cox Automotive comprises more than 25 companies dealing with different aspects of the car ownership lifecycle, with data as the common language they all share. The challenge for Cox Automotive was to create an efficient engine for the timely and trustworthy ingest of data capability for an unknown but large number of data assets from practically any source. Working with StreamSets, they are populating a data lake to democratize data, allowing analysts easy access to data from other companies and producing new data assets unique to the industry.

    In this webinar, Nathan Swetye and Michael Gay from Cox Automotive will discuss how they:

    • Took on the challenge of ingesting data at enterprise scale and the initial efficiency and data consistency struggles they faced
    • Created a self-service data exchange for their companies based on an architecture that decoupled data acquisition from ingestion
    • Reduced data availability from weeks to hours and developer time by 90%

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