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  • Next Gen Analytics at a Major Bank Using Azure Data Lake & StreamSets

    Kirit Basu, Director of Product Management, StreamSets

    Pranav Ragosti, Product Management, Microsoft

    Krishna Venkataraman, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

    Big data and the cloud are perfect partners for companies who want to unlock maximum value from all of their unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. The challenge has been how to create and manage a reliable end-to-end solution that spans data ingestion, storage and analysis in the face of the volume, velocity and variety of big data sources.   

    In this webinar, we will show you how to achieve big data bliss by combining StreamSets Data Collector, which specializes in creating and running complex any-to-any dataflows, with Microsoft's Azure Data Lake and Azure analytic solutions.  

    We will walk through an example of how a major bank is using StreamSets to transport their on-premise data to the Azure Cloud Computing Platform and Azure Data Lake to take advantage of analytics tools with unprecedented scale and performance. 

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold