Avoiding Data Drift in Your

Cloud Data Warehouse

On-Demand Webinar

Cloud Data Warehouses are on the rise. As companies aim to make analytics pervasive across their organization, cloud data warehouses and data marts became a logical solution for delivering a familiar analytics experience but without the constraints of managing large DW infrastructure. Cloud Data Warehouses help reduce management and infrastructure costs, offload maintenance and uptime responsibilities, and allow users to simply load data and run queries instead of managing databases.

However, migrating and streaming data to these new cloud managed services remains a freshman effort with many tools offering only simple ingestion functionality and limited data destinations. StreamSets has built an advanced integration with popular cloud Sw solutions like Snowflake, one of the world’s most popular cloud data warehouses. This level of integration provides fast synchronous and asynchronous ingest, multi-table uploads, and data drift compensation. StreamSets Control Hub helps users then manage a variety of pipelines, on-premise; across public clouds and cloud services.

In this webinar you will...

  • Take a look at common usage patterns for Cloud Data Warehousing.
  • Understand the core functionality of the Snowflake connector.
  • Get information on the installation and operation of the new tool.


Sean Anderson
Director of Product Marketing


Dash Desai
Technology Evangelist


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