Bulk Load Amazon Redshift from

Relational Databases with StreamSets

On-Demand Webinar

You have options when bulk loading data into RedShift from relational database (RDBMS) sources. These options include manual processes or using one of the numerous hosted as-a-service options.

But, if you have broader requirements than simply importing, you need another option. Your company may have requirements such as adhering to enterprise security policies which do not allow opening of firewalls. They might have a need to operationalize and automate data pipelines, masking, encryption or removal of sensitive information such as PII before landing in RedShift. In this case, your best option to use is StreamSets.

In this webinar you will learn about the StreamSets and the Amazon Redshift Service which will include:

  • An overview of cloud managed database services
  • How StreamSets helps optimize data movement to your cloud data warehouse
  • How to setup the connection between your source and Amazon Redshift
  • How to correctly setup your data collectors
  • Thoughts and best practices


Sean Anderson
Director of Product Marketing


Pat Patterson
Director of Evangelism


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