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DataOps is the current hot topic in data management, as companies work hard to figure out how to make use of the real-time, unstructured and streaming data in modern analytics platforms that support data science and machine learning. They realize that traditional batch-oriented data integration has reached its natural limits but are not clear how to augment or replace it in order to turn their use of data into an always-on, quality-controlled operation.

Join industry expert John Schmidt, author of “Lean Integration” and “Integration Competency Center” as he helps you decode the new DataOps trend. He will focus on:

  • What DataOps is and why DataOps is a vital paradigm shift for enterprises who want to be “data competitive”.
  • The long-standing but increasingly critical enterprises data challenges that DataOps resolves.
  • The specific practices that define DataOps and how to take the first steps to implementing them.


John G Schmidt

Proact Digital Transformation

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