The Evolution of DataOps at GSK

Webinar On-Demand

GlaxoSmithKline is a pharmaceutical company that has pioneered a transformation of its R&D data and analytics infrastructure. Creating a new drug can take anywhere from 8 years to 20 years for a pharmaceutical company and GSK aimed to shorten that development time by giving over 8,000 scientists access to trial data. GSK is focused on bringing siloed data together into a primary data and information platform where users across the enterprise can consume all the data in different ways.

In order to deliver these capabilities GSK has set up a Center of Excellence (COE) around data delivery and dataops. The team is responsible for dynamically scaling its data flows to meet the demands of new data sources. They have evolved the data practices over time to automate aspects of data acquisition and delivery utilizing bot-driven pipelines.

VP of Data Strategy at GSK Chuck Smith joins us for a look at the solution and talks about the future.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Building a DataOps practice
  • High-level solution and architecture overview
  • Best practices for automation


Chuck Smith
VP of Data Strategy


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