On-Demand Webinar

  • Take Control of Your Dataflow Operations
    Introducing StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager

    Arvind Prabhakar, CTO and Co-Founder, StreamSets

    Kirit Basu, Director of Product Management, StreamSets

    A new focus on operational control of data movement is required, and new products to support that effort. StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager is the first solution to manage operations of a company’s end-to-end dataflows within a single pane of glass.

    Data-driven applications and business processes require a continuous supply of complete and accurate data, but today’s systems are ill-equipped to ensure this, creating serious problems in terms of efficiency, data quality and IT agility.

    In this webinar, experts from StreamSets will:

    • Discuss the trends that have forced a mindset shift from “fire-and-forget” to operational management of dataflows.
    • Outline the challenges with current solutions as dataflows become more complex and more critical to data-driven business processes.
    • Demonstrate how StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager enables performance management of data in motion by letting you map, measure and master your dataflow topologies.

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold