Evolving Big Data ETL in the Face of Data Drift

Webinar On-Demand

ETL, the process of Extracting data from a source, Transforming it and then Loading it into a target data store, is a perennial data movement activity that has recently become quite challenging with the emergence of big data and the new problem of data drift, those frequent changes to schema and semantics that occur due to unexpected updates to big data source systems. In this webinar, Arvind Prabhakar, co-founder and CTO of StreamSets, and Pat Patterson, StreamSets' community champion, will:

  • The state of play for managing data in motion today and the need for adopting a ‘data performance management’ paradigm.
  • Explain the mechanics of how traditional data integration tools execute the ETL process.
  • Discuss the challenges big data sources like logs and IoT sensors create for these legacy approaches.
  • Describe intent-driven ingest, a new method designed to overcome the challenge of data drift.


Pat Patterson
Technical Director


Arvind Prabhakar
Co-Founder & CTO


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