Easy Big Data Ingestion into Microsoft Azure HDInsight

Webinar On-Demand

So you want to build a fast and flexible cloud-based data lake using Azure HDInsight. One early challenge will be to figure out how to keep that lake stocked with the freshest data so you can fish for quality insights. Hand-coded data ingest pipelines are onerous to build and hard to maintain, and traditional ETL tools also perform poorly, especially when faced with changing schemas and real-time streaming use cases. An additional layer of complexity is accounting for hybrid environments mixing on-premise and cloud data sources and storage/compute platforms.

In this webinar product experts from Microsoft and StreamSets will:

  • The state of play for managing data in motion today and the need for adopting a ‘data performance management’ paradigm.
  • Describe the challenges associated with developing and operating ingest pipelines for cloud or hybrid environments.
  • Discuss best practices for the life-cycle management of data flows, from development to test, deployment and day-to-day operational oversight that ensures continuous data availability and accuracy.
  • Demonstrate end-to-end dataflows from streaming and batch sources into Microsoft Azure HDInsight using StreamSets Data Collector.


Kirit Basu
VP of Product


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