A New Paradigm for Managing Data in Motion

Webinar On-Demand

Big data operations are built on numerous flows of perishable data that need to travel from a variety of often untraditional, uncurated and unstable sources, through a fabric of transport, storage and compute components and into multiple analytic applications. The complexity of this new environment for data in motion creates a pressing issue: how does a company ensure that the sum total of the data flowing across a business is complete and accurate, and yet still fresh?

This is a management problem that requires a new paradigm and organizational discipline around the performance management of data flows. In this webinar, 451 Analyst Jason Stamper and StreamSets CTO Arvind Prabhakar will discuss:

  • The state of play for managing data in motion today and the need for adopting a ‘data performance management’ paradigm.
  • The objectives and key principles for such a data performance management system.
  • Practical advice for building a performance management practice in your organization today.


John Stamper
Senior Analyst

451 Research

Arvind Prabhakar
Co-Founder & CTO


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