Adopting DataOps:

Trends, Techniques, and Technologies

On-Demand Webinar

DataOps represents an emerging discipline for designing, managing, and monitoring the flow of data from source to target. DataOps provides a level of rigor required to manage dozens or hundreds of data pipelines that potentially serve mission-critical applications with stringent service level agreements. Today, companies are applying DataOps technology and practices to increase cycle time and capacity while increasing data quality and customer satisfaction. This webcast will define DataOps, describe adoption trends, and explore technologies and techniques required to implement it.

As data pipelines become more complex and development teams grow in size, organizations need to apply standard processes to govern the flow of data from source systems to business users. The goal is to increase agility and cycle times, while reducing data defects, giving business users greater confidence in data analytics output. This is the vision of DataOps. This report explains what DataOps is, where it came from, what it promises, and how to apply it successfully.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • What DataOps is
  • The origins of DataOps
  • The benefits of DataOps
  • Symptoms that indicate you need DataOps
  • Ten best practices for applying DataOps


Wayne Eckerson
Founder & Principle Consultant

Eckerson Group

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