Make Big Data Work:

How DataOps is Adding Value to Data Lakes

On-Demand Webinar

DataOps require a data store that is cost-effective, agile, scalable, performant, and future-proof. Data Lakes built using Big Data technology provide a great alternative. This talk will cover best practices for building a successful data lake and what makes data lakes particularly suited to data science and self-service analytics.

In this interactive webinar, Alex will explore the components of a successful data lake and some of the little known reasons for failure. This webinar will explain how Waterline Data, StreamSets, and Trifacta (founding members of Make Big Data Work) combined solutions help organizations navigate, build, and optimize an effective data lake.


Alex Gorelik
Founder & CTO

Waterline Data

Girish Pancha
Co-Founder & CTO


Joe Hellerstein
Founder & CSO


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