StreamSets for Snowflake

Cloud Data Warehouse

As analytics moves to the cloud, a fast and scalable cloud data warehouse becomes essential. Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse makes it possible to stop worrying about the infrastructure you need to capture, integrate, and analyze data, and instead focus on how to extract insights from the data.


While the easiest-to-use cloud platform relieves your infrastructure burden, users often struggle to move data from their existing systems into a cloud data warehouse. The challenges that come with traditional data warehousing solutions are:

  • Delayed Analytics
  • Complexity
  • Blindness
  • Data Drift



StreamSets for Snowflake delivers streaming, batch, and change data capture (CDC) for the Snowflake cloud data warehouse. StreamSets helps organizations build a DataOps practice that manages delivery and performance of data pipelines on premises, across public clouds, and with managed services such as the Snowflake. StreamSets helps you get the most from your cloud data warehouse:

  • Develop high performance ingest capabilities
  • Deliver Quality data continuously
  • Enhance operational agility and control
  • Automate bulk uploads and multi-table updates
  • Near real-time replication of data
  • Data Protection

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