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If you’ve ever built real-time data pipelines or streaming apps, you know how useful the Apache Kafka™ distributed streaming platform can be.

Then again, you’ve also probably bumped up against the challenges of working with Kafka.

If you’re ready to simplify your Kafka development, in this eBook we present five reasons to add StreamSets to your existing big data processing technologies:

  • Build streaming pipelines without custom coding
  • Expand the scale of your streaming processes
  • Monitor and control data streams intelligently
  • Operate continuously across your enterprise
  • Scale team efficiency

About StreamSets

Big data doesn't need to be hard. Whether using Apache Hadoop, Spark or Kafka, leading companies are leveraging StreamSets to streamline their big data journey and deliver success. StreamSets focuses on simplifying the process of building, executing and operating dataflow pipelines. The StreamSets platform combines award-winning open source software for the development of any-to-any dataflows that uniquely handle data drift with a cloud-native control plane that centralizes building, executing and operating dataflow topologies at enterprise scale. Whether you're just starting with big data, or consider yourself an expert, StreamSets can help extend the value of your deployment to deliver greater results for your business.

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