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In many enterprises the “supply chain management” process for big and fast data is a disaster waiting to happen, forcing data scientists and business users to deal with failures from issues with data availability and accuracy.

In this white paper we discuss the idea of "data operations", specifically:

  • The technology and market shifts that have made it difficult to continuously deliver high-quality data to modern applications
  • The need to adopt a data operations mindset and dataflow performance management discipline
  • The role of a new control structure, the Data Operations Center, can play in re-orienting how data is managed
  • The capabilities of a data operations platform that acts as the technology foundation for the practice

About StreamSets

Big data doesn't need to be hard. Whether using Apache Hadoop, Spark or Kafka, leading companies are leveraging StreamSets to streamline their big data journey and deliver success. StreamSets focuses on simplifying the process of building, executing and operating dataflow pipelines. The StreamSets platform combines award-winning open source software for the development of any-to-any dataflows that uniquely handle data drift with a cloud-native control plane that centralizes building, executing and operating dataflow topologies at enterprise scale. Whether you're just starting with big data, or consider yourself an expert, StreamSets can help extend the value of your deployment to deliver greater results for your business.

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